Are bladeless fans easy to use? Are bladeless fans safe?

Fans are household appliances that are often used in every family in summer. In many cases, the temperature is not too high, and fans are critical when there is no need to use air conditioners that consume more power. Fans saw generally have three blades that rotate to drive the airflow to make people feel calmer. With the development of science and technology, many bladeless fans have appeared on the market. This fan has no blades and can also achieve a cooling effect. So are bladeless fans good for you? Are bladeless fans safe?

  1. The principle of the bladeless fan

The working principle of the bladeless fan is that the motor in the base below sucks 33 liters of air per second into the fan base. After the cyclone accelerates, the air circulation speed is increased by about 16 times. The annular inner lip of the fan head is surrounded, and the surrounding force drives the air near the fan head to enter the fan head and blow out at high speed. It is also a cyclic process.

  1. Natural wind

Compared with air conditioners and ordinary fans, it is perfect for pregnant women and children to blow this kind of wind. Because it is natural wind, it is called the healthiest fan. Air multiplication technology optimizes the fanless fan and blows to the human body. The wild wind in front of him contains oxygen ions. Especially for pregnant women, when the weather is hot, blowing the air conditioner is easy to get sick. The fanless electric fan has good protection for pregnant women and babies! It also has sound health care effects for the elderly and children.

  1. No impact

The bladeless fan concentrates the airflow and will not have an impact. It is not like the wind of ordinary fans, which will make you feel a violent wind shock. So it is a good fan because traditional fans use blades to cut the air to push the airflow. When this airflow blows the human body, it will produce a dramatic wind shock, unstable, and makes people feel uncomfortable. The bladeless fan feels more relaxed with constant airflow, without the slightest impact, for a smoother and more comfortable feel.

  1. The wind speed can be adjusted at will.

The wind speed of the bladeless fan can be adjusted at will. It does not use buttons to control the air volume like ordinary fans. Therefore, it is the most user-friendly fan. The traditional fan uses the button speed to set the air volume and strength and lacks the choice of ideal air volume. The bladeless fan pays attention to the innovative and innovative technology of developing the air volume and power. It uses the infinite dimmer and the rotary knob to adjust the air volume and strength, which is more ideal and humanized.

  1. Easy to clean

A bladeless fan has no leaves, so you only need to clean the body, unlike ordinary fans, which need to clean both the body and the leaves. Therefore, it is the cleanest fan. The bladeless fan has a simple appearance and is easier to clean and remove dust. Usually, it can be wiped with a cotton cloth. It can be completed in a few seconds, which is convenient, and saves time, trouble, and efficiency. The traditional fan uses a blade structure, which is very inconvenient to clean in everyday life because it takes a lot of time to disassemble, clean, and then reinstall it, which is very troublesome.

  1. Low energy consumption

The energy consumption of the bladeless fan is relatively low, and the energy it needs only consumes half of the energy consumption of the ordinary fan, so it is the most energy-saving fan. The bladeless electric fan uses a brushless motor, which is half the energy consumption of the typical fan.

  1. Are bladeless fans safe?

The main feature of the bladeless fan is that it has no leaves, so it is not an exaggeration to call it the safest fan. The traditional fan uses blades to cut the wind, which is easy to cut children’s fingers and hides a particular danger. The bladeless fan has no blade rotation, a high safety factor, and no threat. And bladeless fans are not as top-heavy as traditional fans, so they are more stable.


  1. The wind is more stable.
  2. The wind is as soft as the natural wind.
  3. Small size, no blades, no dust, very easy to clean.
  4. The safe bladeless fan will not hurt the fingers of curious children.
  5. Natural cool breeze, clean air
  6. Energy-saving and low carbon, safe and fashionable
  7. Free regulation, any touch
  8. Noble and elegant, easy to clean


The function is single, the same as the traditional fan function. Features are scalable with new products. In contrast, the noise will be louder when the air volume is high.

The chassis is too thin, and it is easy to fall when you touch it.

The price is higher, and there is a big gap with ordinary electric fans.

It isn’t easy to see the air outlet.

From the point of view of energy, the air inlet and outlet of the bladeless fan increase the resistance of the airflow compared with the traditional fan, and its conversion efficiency must not be as high as that of the conventional fan, that is to say, the power consumption of the same air volume is generated. Bladeless fans will be higher than traditional fans.

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