Are bladeless fans noisy? Let’s explore the truth together

The bladeless fan has an avant-garde design and is easy to use. Since its introduction into the Chinese market, it has quickly attracted many young and fashionable people. Because of how the bladeless fan blows out, some people are concerned about whether your bladeless fan makes any noticeable noise. This issue will be explained in detail to you next.

Are bladeless fans loud?

Before discussing this issue, let’s first look at how ordinary fans give noise standards. Generally speaking, the specification in the standard refers to the diameter of the fan blade. The larger the diameter of the fan blade, the larger the noise limit. Noise limits for bladeless fans are challenging to incorporate into relevant standards for electric fans. Due to the lack of standards for such new products, it is impossible to determine whether their noise indicators meet the criteria, let alone whether they are low-noise products.

Understand this problem; let’s discuss the actual use of bladeless fans. Because the bladeless fan has no fan blades to cut the air, the wind does not feel the stimulation of periodic shocks and waves, and the airflow will be more natural, continuous, soft, and stable.

The principle of air supply adopts the technology of jet engines and automobile turbocharging. The brushless motor at the bottom inhales air. After the air is inhaled, it will rise with the hollow channel and accelerate in the annular hole. The slits at the ring’s edge spew out a cool air stream.

Is the noise loud? The actual test is as follows: After selecting some bladeless fans for testing, it was found that the noise was controlled at about 57.4 decibels under the wind of about 3 blocks, which is far less than that of traditional fans; but at the maximum air volume, The noise reached 83.5 decibels, and the fuselage shook a lot. The airflow multiplier has a high speed, the sound frequency is also relatively high, and the “presence” at high wind speed is much more significant than that of ordinary electric fans—even more than air conditioners, washing machines, and other major appliances.

Therefore, consumers must be reminded here that they need to be cautious when purchasing such products and not just look at their publicity. Even if they test the machine on-site in the store, they will not be able to perceive it accurately due to the noisy environment. Therefore, special attention should be paid to checking the labeling: noise value and implementation standard.

A detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of bladeless electric fans

  1. Like most traditional fans, the bladeless fan can turn 90 degrees, but, unlike other electric fans, it is controlled by a dimmer switch.
  2. Because there are no blades, the bladeless electric fan will not be covered with dust, making it much more convenient to clean than the traditional electric fan. From then on, people no longer have to worry about cleaning the dust accumulated on the fan blades!
  3. Because there are no blades, the bladeless electric fan will not hurt the fingers of curious children, and it will not cause any harm to curious children, so it is safer!
  4. Due to the use of turbo compressors, the bladeless electric fan is also equipped with a variable frequency wind speed adjustment device, which will not impact voltage, and the energy consumption of the bladeless electric fan is deficient, which is half of the energy consumption of ordinary fans! So it is more energy-saving! (Actually, it’s not that exaggerated, but the power is meager)
  5. Because there are no blades, the bladeless electric fan does not rely on the edges to ‘cut’ the air to bring the flow like traditional fans, and it will not make people feel impact and stimulation. The bladeless fan has stable and continuous wind, and the comfort is better.


  1. The function is single, and the part of the traditional fan is the same. Features are scalable with new products. In contrast, the noise will be louder when the air volume is high.
  2. The chassis is too thin, and it is easy to fall when you put it up. (expanded as described in 1)
  3. The price is higher, and there is a big gap with ordinary electric fans.
  4. It is not easy to see the air outlet.

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